The Media Minute 02.11.2020

Consumers expect to get whatever they want, whenever they want it, delivered how they want it. You can credit (or blame) Amazon for setting expectations so high, but those same expectations extend to online publishing.

Branded content helps audiences connect with brands on an emotional level and is most commonly used to build brand awareness and increase brand loyalty.

In the past couple years, Twitter has worked to position its platform as a destination for livestreaming video. But some news publishers tell Digiday that Amplify’s brand safety rules make it difficult for them to monetize their breaking news videos there, forcing them to forgo revenue they can earn monetizing videos on the same topics elsewhere.

Consumer spending on media grew 4.3% in 2019, which is slightly slower than the 4.9% that advertising and marketing spending on media grew last year, according to estimates released this morning from media industry economists PQ Media.

Is your content just something you send out and call it good? Or are you strategically posting, reformatting, and sharing to drive website traffic, attract new audience, and drive conversions?

For news organizations, selling advertising has become a notoriously complicated endeavor as media companies, tech businesses, and platforms compete for a share of the revenue.

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