The Media Minute 02.04.2020

If you haven’t been following recent news, there’s a new marketing push in big media to unite audience data from different digital properties and sell advertising against the unified audience through proprietary ad-targeting platforms.

When we first covered TikTok and its half a billion users, it was to some collective brow-raising. Many felt the app was interesting, but hardly a serious contender in a mature market with well-established rivals.

Publishers’ efforts to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act have diverged as they parse one of its biggest ambiguities: whether selling targeted ads qualifies as selling California residents’ personal information.

Google’s researchers “evaluated ” a representative sample 273 Super Bowl ads shown from 2015-2019. It says in those ads, men were two times more likely than women to be portrayed as leaders, and guys were more than 2.5 times more likely to have speaking parts than women.

That “fresh start” feeling in the new year means it’s a great time to evaluate your audience data collection efforts — and make sure what you collect actually drives revenue and company growth!

Even today, much of the original reporting on the Trump administration originates at either the Times or the Post, thanks to reporters hard at work competing for scoops (and proudly seeking glory for their accomplishments on Twitter).

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