The Media Minute 01.28.2020

Data protection laws and privacy-minded browser updates are forcing publishers to rethink their digital business strategies and communication with users.

Republicans trust Fox News far more than any other news outlet, and Democrats, similarly, place their trust in CNN. These, according to the report, are “the two cable channels that most clearly represent the polarized media universe.”

Minute Media expects its newest acquisition will help it fuel a profitable year and achieve revenue exceeding $100 million…

The Washington Post is the media equivalent of Amazon’s chain of physical bookstores: it pretends it’s a cleaned-up version of a beloved old thing, but in fact that beloved old thing is now propelled by a new engine.

Serious marketers use multi-channel or omni-channel marketing because it works. The Association of Magazine Media tells us you can see as much as a 14% lift in ad effectiveness comes when you combine media in marketing.

In 2019, we saw Gannett and GateHouse Media merge to become the largest newspaper chain in the U.S. We saw more news organizations take a stronger stance against the spread of misinformation and lies.

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