The Media Minute 5.10.23

Small Price To Pay: Will Twitter’s Micropayments Plan Help Publishers?

The Magazine Manager Blog has previously written about micropayments as just one of the many options publishers could pursue as part of a balanced alternative-revenue-stream diet. Want to attract the occasional reader who might not purchase a full subscription? Give them a per-article option! Now, Elon Musk’s most recent idea-thrown-against-the-wall to offer publishers a micropayment option may actually have some stick to it, particularly if it is able to accomplish what he hopes is a “win-win for both media orgs & the public.”


Navigating Print Frequency Reduction Effectively

With costs rising, many publications are looking for ways to cut down on expenses in order to increase ROI. One such strategy for decreasing expenditure might be a reduction in print frequency, but publications must consider the effects of such a change on their brand and audience.


AI Confidential: The Hurdles To Using The Technology for Personalization

Everyone likes personalization, both brands and customers. But there are issues on both sides, judging by The State of Personalization 2023, a global study by Twilio Segment. Of the businesses polled, 92% are using AI-driven personalization despite a host of challenges.


How Advertising Strategies and Sentiments are Evolving

Since 2020, the digital advertising industry has prioritized the phasing out of tools and methods that don’t mesh with the paradigm shift toward consumer privacy. The game is changing fast, and publishers and advertisers have had to adapt quickly or risk being left behind. But what solutions are taking shape, and how are they affecting the present and future of doing business online?

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