The Media Minute 4.20.22

It’s easy to avoid common email deliverability problems, but coming back from a poor sender reputation is tricky. It’s a longer-term process that requires an organic increase in email deliverability. Take a few email marketing strategies from Mirabel’s Marketing Manager on how to improve your email deliverability and sender reputation.

Total U.S. digital ad revenue for 2021 came to $189B – a 50B jump in a single year, and at 35.4%, the highest YoY growth since 2006, according to the latest Internet Advertising Revenue Report by IAB and PwC. The increase is 3x compared to the previous year’s 12.2%, and twice that of 2018-19.

Apple and Google, the duopoly controlling the $133 billion-per-year mobile app market, typically differ when policing their respective ecosystems; the iPhone-maker is rigid in its controls while the latter typically favors open sourcing. However, the pressing need for more innovative security controls has prompted some to think their policies may soon overlap when it comes to policing third-party code on publishers’ apps.

When it comes to magazine media and digital publications, reliable software tools are a necessity. From publishing CRM and magazine design, to circulation and subscription management, this ultimate guide to magazine software is an overview of the most popular software tools in the publishing industry.

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