The Media Minute 12.24.2019

In 2019, publishers fought shrinking ad revenue with diversified business models. Many focused on digital subscriptions, while others ramped up events, ecommerce, and other lines of revenue.

Publishers large and small are joining earlier adopters with their own reader revenues plays. But with subscription fatigue threatening…

Plus: “There is no bygone era of a well-informed, attentive public. What we have had in lieu of a well-informed citizenry is what might be termed a ‘load-bearing’ myth — the myth of the attentive public.”

B2B marketers are more engaged during the week of Christmas and New Year’s. This is the time that advertising engagement for business brands on LinkedIn increases, according to findings from a study released Thursday.

Email marketing is an art that takes plenty of time and patience to master. Most of the mastering comes from optimization, but in order to know what or how to optimize, you first need to understand the metrics that quantify the success of your emails.

After every major election cycle of the modern era, journalists from across the country all cross their arms, hang their heads low and sadly admit their coverage once again devolved into the type of horse race reporting they love to criticize.

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