The Media Minute 12.17.2019

Now more than ever, the publishing industry finds itself on a quest for more effective ways to make money.

As part of WNIP’s series based around our Publisher’s Guide to Ecommerce report, Damian Radcliffe looks at how platforms are shaping the future of online shopping, from Pinterest and Facebook to Amazon and more.

I was reading a story the other day about next year’s upfront when I came across these quotes from some senior people on the publishing side of the business: ”a culmination of two years of commitment, collaboration and innovation…

Obviously, there are many reasons to attend journalism conferences — networking, an excuse to leave the newsroom, open bars, self-aggrandized posturing, hanging out with friends and former colleagues.

Show me a publisher who is not reliant on email, and I’ll show you a publisher who probably doesn’t do much advertising volume, because anybody operating at scale uses email for everything from marketing, to audience development, to production reminders, to getting invoices out.

With both publishers and advertisers looking to grow affiliate commerce, a growing number of publishers and advertisers have started using affiliate networks’ attribution tools to advocate for bigger commissions from advertisers and even earn commissions from customers that have read their content, even if that read doesn’t lead immediately to a click.

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