The Media Minute 12.22.21

‘Tis the season for making a list and checking it twice, so to ensure you know how to tell if an email address is valid as well as how to avoid invalid email addresses, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager will discuss the difference between invalid and valid email addresses. We’ll also list email verification tools that you can use to grow a healthy email list for future marketing campaigns.

In last year’s report, I wrote: The big players got bigger and stronger. The small ones continued to struggle. The first part is very much true for subscriptions and membership in 2021. But the second got better – even smaller publishers in Europe found recipes to grow reader revenue. We also got some deeper insights thanks to the reports published throughout the year.

Paradigm shifts rarely announce themselves in advance. This is what makes the current moment so unique: It’s known that third-party data, the lifeblood of Web 2.0, is on the way out.  Google’s cookie ban is imminent, and regulators are cracking down. The way forward will be first-party data gathered directly from customers and consumers. Acting on that knowledge in the waning days of third-party data has become essential: In a recent poll, 88% of marketers said first-party data collection was a priority for 2021.

Social media platforms continue to evolve, and so do the perspectives of users who continue to find new ways to satisfy their needs for both entertainment and connection. This blog post will explain the increasing shift to video content in publishing and explore some examples of publications that have proven to be experts at connecting with audiences through video.

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