The Media Minute 10.25.23

More Than Three-Quarters Of Newsrooms Using AI In ‘News Value Chain’

Earlier this summer, when Google gave The New York Times a sneak preview of its news-story-generating AI product, the presentation went over like a lead balloon.

Perhaps that reaction had more to do with the reported tone-deafness of Google’s “unsettling” pitch than it did the receptiveness of newsrooms to AI technologies, however, as more than 75% of news organizations are using AI in “at least one of the areas across the news value chain of news gathering, production, and distribution,” according to a new survey.


Gen AI Powers Content Marketing Advantage For Early Adopters

Great content generates powerful business results — and marketing leaders know it. Across B2C and B2B industries, 8 in 10 surveyed leaders say that content marketing is very or extremely important to their company’s overall digital marketing strategy — and 9 in 10 say that importance grew between 2022–2023.


More Than 2 In 5 U.S. Marketers Most Commonly Transact On First-Party Data

43% of US marketers and agencies use proprietary identifiers like first-party data when transacting with media sellers, per Advertiser Perceptions. A quarter of US marketers and agencies are still using third-party cookies, even though Google says it will deprecate them in 2024.


Flush With Emails: A Third Of Consumers Say They’re Overwhelmed

A recent study by Sequel Response is being publicized because it shows that a majority of companies have increased their email marketing budgets in the past 12 months — more than any other channel. That’s a great vote of confidence in email. But these accounts overlook the next set of charts in the study. Consumers themselves were asked how overwhelmed they are by the amount of advertising they receive. Guess which channel fared the worst? 

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