The Media Minute 10.20.2021

When it comes to organic or paid content marketing, it’s about figuring out how to use data to enhance and optimize your digital strategy. Utilizing this data has never been easier, thanks to the king of search engine analytics: Google Analytics. Understanding Google Analytics helps you produce content that your target audience wants to see. The platform provides actionable insights, like click-through and bounce rates, time spent on page, and more.

Over the past several years, subscription management and dynamic paywall providers have joined the ranks of must-have digital tools for media companies … Unlike a typical paywall that allows non-paying readers to access a set number of articles before walling off content for the rest of the month, a dynamic paywall is designed to help publishers monetize content through a number of methods. The methods used can range from audience segmentation to machine learning to depending on the paywall option you choose.

The idea that companies can follow consumers around the internet based on data that someone else provides doesn’t seem like the best customer experience, according to Michael Blend, co-founder and chief executive officer of System1, a first-party data company. In fact, nearly all of its ad business is based on performance. “Google and Apple are making positive changes for the longevity of digital advertising and people, and the advertising ecosystem just needs to catch up with them,” he said.

Publishing is an industry with a lot of moving parts. You have issues to create, articles to write, and above all, deadlines to meet. Not to mention, you have to keep readers engaged with your content. On top of this, if you’re looking to make a profit, you likely have to manage print and ad sales. One of the easiest ways to streamline these everyday tasks is by implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) software. If you’re in the publishing industry and looking to optimize your processes and boost profitability, read on. Here are the key qualities to seek in a publishing CRM.

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