The Media Minute 10.14.2020

“In the US, one quarter of adults, or 60M people, listen to a podcast a few times a week, and 91M listen to one at least once a week,” according to journalists Piet van Niekerk and Pierre de Villiers. “And, as new podcasts are being aired every three minutes somewhere in the world, publishers have been handed the ideal revenue subscription tool.”

Pauley, Vox Media’s chief revenue officer, has been on the hunt for more upfront deals with brands and holding companies ever since Vox Media’s acquisition of New York Media gave the digital native publisher more scale — 125 million monthly unique visitors, it said at the time — and more titles to offer advertisers last fall.

With the introduction of each new set of regulations, it’s clear that we’re shifting towards a new era of consent. As third-party cookies disappear, consent will be required to counterbalance the loss of user ID to continue to target effectively.

The percentage of U.S. adults who said they “very closely” followed news about the pandemic fell from a high of 57% in late March to 35% by early September, Pew found. That decline is understandable as the pandemic becomes part of the everyday routine, and reader attention shifts elsewhere.

The last couple of months have seen media consumers rely even more heavily than usual on phones, tablets, and practically any screen they can get their hands on to access content. While we’re all adapting to a life dominated by bright screens during a crisis like no other, the truth is that this way of living was inevitable. COVID-19 simply sped up the process a bit.

Some businesses have reached the oversimplified conclusion that designating their ad-tech partners as service providers is a silver bullet that can solve their toughest CCPA compliance burdens without sacrificing business results. The theory underlying this approach is that using a service provider contract for transfers of personal information to an ad tech vendor will prevent those transfers from being classified as sales of personal information.

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