The Media Minute 1.5.21

Marketing CRMs track digital interactions on websites and social media, send automated emails based on sales readiness, and so much more. They’re undoubtedly a necessity of every business to nurture leads, retain clients, and everything in-between. Moving beyond utilizing the basics of the software, what’s in store for the marketing CRM in 2022?

Over time it gets harder and harder to grow subscriptions, and everyone ends up discounting. What happens is that, as you grow your subscription numbers, your revenue goes down. Coupled with this, publishers have found that advertising is no longer a dependable revenue stream. And there continue to be many publishers who struggle to monetize their presence online, where free content has long been an issue. The solution, many acknowledge, is for publishers to train their audiences to pay for content.

Many publishers closed out 2020 in a better financial position than they expected early on in the pandemic, giving them the flexibility to experiment with new revenue streams and launch new products in 2021.  One of those experiments involved dabbling in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which rapidly caught fire across a wide range of industries this year, including the publishing space.

It’s time to stop thinking about digital editions as a sidekick. They’re the superheroes we deserve, and they can help your audience connect with your content moving forward. Here’s a closer look at why now is the time to shift to digital.

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