The Media Minute 09.10.2019

For so long newspapers have designed content with the print customer in mind, but times are changing. A recent Pew Research Center study based on 3,425 U.S. adults…

We know the reader experience is VERY different between print and digital. But whether we want to admit it or not, there can also be big differences in the writing experience as well.

Eighty percent of news outlets surveyed had established unpublishing policies, but almost half of those policies were not in writing and only two percent were shared beyond the newsroom.

Dramatic changes in the fantasy landscape, including the slowdown of daily fantasy and the rise of legalized gambling, have triggered an explosion of paid subscription products from both newcomers and incumbents.

As marketers turn to first-party data, B2B media company ALM is developing a suite of new advertising products to meet their needs and stand out among competitors.

The Publisher Podcast Awards, run by the team behind Media Voices, are now open for entries from publishers with podcasts.

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