The Media Minute 08.29.2017

Publishers who have gravitated away from Facebook Instant Articles over fears of over-dependence may soon have cause to reconsider.

Almost every publisher I speak to right now has a similar challenge. Where do you find really good salespeople?

The Atlantic announced today that it’s introducing a membership program for fans, becoming the latest publication to seek out reader support to bolster its bottom line.

Publishers are running into a wall with so-called native ads. Once seen as the panacea for declining digital ad rates.

T: The New York Times Style Magazine announced a series of hires and promotions.

Several years ago, I had a transformative experience surrounding lead generation.

Brands are finding new ways of working with magazine brands, with closer editorial partnerships and personalised digital activity at the heart.

“So many people have already received some first-bound copies that are going to be landing in subscribers’ mailboxes very soon.

The non-profit organisation publishes stories in four formats, including text and audio, and translates them into four languages.

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