The Media Minute 08.22.2017

Closing in on a year, the company founded by serial entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis now has around 300,000 subscribers across 30 newsletters, and average open rates just above 40 percent.

Maybe the new name of Time Inc. will be McKinsey Media.

We say it all the time: It’s not a print vs digital question anymore. It’s both.

A financial analyst who specializes in the printing industry recently speculated that “the potential to produce personalized magazines at scale is not too far in the future.”

Lori Leibovich is the new editor-in-chief of Time Inc.’s Health magazine, across various platforms.

Calling all marketers! Get ready to disrupt (yup, that’s one of them) your digestive track with marketing clichés that will make you puke.

People would rather watch multi-episode video shows and other serialized programming than one-off videos, publishers are finding, which bodes well for Facebook’s new TV-like tab, Watch.

Programmatic fraud steals money from publishers’ pockets every minute and if we’re being honest, no one’s really sure what to do about it.

Content from The Associated Press drove higher total engagement on Facebook than any of the Top 10 individual publishers in June and July.

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