The Media Minute 04.09.2019

As Lexus takes more media expertise in-house, it wants to work more directly with media owners. Whereas the advertiser’s agencies would usually broker media deals with publishers, Lexus is now taking the lead setting up the smaller ones.

As the saying goes, less is more — and nowhere is this ideology more relevant than with email marketing.

We tried something new at our 2019 Super Niche event a couple of weeks ago, and it was awesome. The inaugural Women in Publishing Summit kicked off on Monday March 18th to a sold out room of smart publishing peeps:

Publishing in India is developing in a significantly different manner compared to the West. While internet access is seeing explosive growth, it has not yet disrupted the print media. In fact, print continues to dominate.

HAVANA (AP) — The Cuban government says a newsprint shortage is forcing at least six state-run newspapers to cut back on pages and circulation days in a potent sign of the cash shortage confronting the island

The Atlantic, Time and Active Interest Media illustrate that people are a publisher’s most valuable asset.

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