The Media Minute 01.19.2021

To increase conversion rates, your landing page design needs to provide a smooth user experience. When designing a landing page, keep these top tips in mind.

Incredible content can be discovered and enjoyed on the internet, and publishing industry has rightfully become the largest advertising marketplace as a result. Nevertheless, some aspects of the business are due for renovation.

“2021 will be a year of profound and rapid digital change following the shock delivered by COVID-19,” writes Nic Newman, Senior Research Associate, RISJ.

“Lockdowns and other restrictions have broken old habits and created new ones, but it is only this year that we’ll discover how fundamental those changes have been.”

Magazines have prevailed with an annual global revenue of approximately $67.5 billion in 2020. If you want to start a magazine or pivot to digital editions, read on. We’re outlining the basic steps of how to start a magazine this year.

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