The Media Minute 01.14.2020

We’ve heard all the buzzwords: predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning. But have you done everything you can to wrangle data and find the insights that reliably drive revenue?

Podcasts and AI to play a greater role in news organisations’ strategies, and three-quarters of publishers are confident about their company’s prospects in 2020.

Plus: YouTube would radicalize even without its algorithm, Reddit bans fakes both deep and cheap, and Facebook will let you dial down political ads.

Digital agency veterans Kenny Tomlin (founding CEO of Rockfish) and Dan Khabie (founding CEO of Mirum) are teaming up to launch CourtAvenue, a digital consultancy and product development company.

It’s week two of 2020! And time for Part Two of 20 Ideas for 2020 Niche Revenue! (Did you catch Part One last week with Ad Sales and Event Revenue ideas?)

As part of the 2020 International Newspaper Group (ING) Leadership Networking Summit, ING and E&P have agreed to collaborate on the first annual ING/E&P Operations All Star Excellence Awards, kicking off a powerful partnership. The Summit is scheduled for Sept. 18 to 20 in Chicago.


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