The Media Minute 01.09.2018

A.H. Belo Corp., owner of the Dallas Morning News, has created a pair of marketing services divisions in an effort to better serve its clients.

As an outspoken advocate of newsstand sales and someone with experience in circulation marketing, I find there is a correlation between the loss of newsstand sales and the reduction in creative direct response subscription marketing.

We’ve seen some serious disruption in the marketing world throughout 2017. As new technology emerges and people start to interact differently with their favorite brands, companies are being forced to reconsider how they connect with the marketplace.

What would be late December without our annual What’s IN and What’s OUT List? As always, we’ll leave (most of) the politics, celebrities and sports stuff to others and stick to our own topics.

It’s been an eventful year for magazine media around the world. There was company consolidation and mergers.

Elizabeth Green, CEO and Founder, Brief Media
Folio: Where will you be primarily focused in 2018, based on your sense of the market?

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