Media Minute 10.6.2021

Email marketing is vital to every digital marketing strategy, but the key to its success is verifying your email lists. To improve email deliverability, stack ROI, and actually reach your audience, you need to invest in an email verification tool. Clean Your List is a new affordable email verification software from Mirabel Technologies. Used as a standalone platform, Clean Your List is the latest addition to the suite of affordable SaaS products.

This week at Search On 2021, Google showed how Search will soon be able to not only better understand aspects of a topic the user is searching for, but also surface more insights and inspiration. The company showcased how they are using AI and new technologies to make information more helpful than ever before, while giving users new ways to search and explore in more natural and intuitive ways.

Testing of FLEDGE — the company’s remarketing solution designed to eliminate third-parties tracking of user behavior, along with the measurement of digital ads — is delayed until Q1 2022. As Google moves the industry toward the phasing out of third-party cookies, it needs to introduce APIs enabling options that depend on them, but without enabling cross-site tracking.

According to one report, 43% of CRM users use less than half of the features that their CRM offers …  and I’d say that number is conservative. And no matter if that comes down to difficulty in understanding the system or ignorance as to all its capabilities, it’s an issue worth addressing if only because there’s so much potential on the other side.

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