The Media Minute 8.30.23

Meta’s Ad Revenue Share ‘Out Of Step’ With Time Spent On Platforms

For digital advertising, Meta still sits (with Google) firmly at the top. However, according to recently crunched numbers in a separate Insider Intelligence report, Meta’s share of ad revenue is “surprisingly out of step with how much time people actually spend on its platforms, particularly when compared with competitors like YouTube and TikTok.”


Ads Are Coming To TikTok Search Results

TikTok users searching the app for specific videos will begin to see sponsored content in search results. The company announced today that advertisers will be able to place ads alongside organic content that appears when searching in the app. When a user clicks on an ad, they can continue scrolling to view search results in a feed-like format. Ads are pulled from other videos that the brand is running on the platform.


Journalists Are Opening PR Pitches, But It Takes Longer For Stories To Appear

Publishers worried about efficiency in the newsroom should check out the Q3 Propel Media Barometer. It will tell them how hard journalists are working. It looks like they are doing pretty well despite being overworked. The study found that journalists opened 49.14% of the email PR pitches they received in Q2 2023. This marked a 10% increase YoY. 


70% Of SMB Marketers Willing To Pay More For Tools With AI Or Automation

Artificial intelligence remains a big draw with SMB martech buyers: 70% say they’d pay more for a marketing platform that gave them access to AI or automation tools, according to a new study. SMBs (defined by the study as orgs with 250 employees or less) are a target-rich environment for vendors as only 26% have AI and/or automation technology, according to a study of nearly 500 SMBs conducted by digital marketing and automation platform Constant Contact and research firm Ascend2.

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