The Media Minute 12.19.2017

Metrics is one of those words… one of those soulless new media words… Modern.

As the year comes to a close, top editors weigh in on the magazine articles that moved them the most.

With ad fraud scandals and brand safety mishaps hitting the headlines in 2017, the past year has proved turbulent for advertisers, media agencies, and publishers.

Multiple publisher sources said Facebook no longer plans to pay publishers and other video makers to produce videos for the news feed.

The magazine industry collectives may not want us to count ad pages anymore (or even ask about them), but surely they’re still here.

Wouldn’t a luminous crystal ball be great? At least some cool super-powers would be nice.

Ho, ho, ho! If you are a publisher, you are probably due for a very happy New Year. For many of us, 2017 was the year we mastered the art of banging our heads against the wall. After all, any organization that merely touched publishing probably felt a pinch.

Readers have never enjoyed greater access to content and the media industry has never been more competitive.

Marshall R. Loeb, a business journalist who turned a floundering Money magazine into one of the nation’s most successful publications in the 1980s and then led a similar revival at Fortune, died on Saturday in Manhattan.

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