The Media Minute 11.16.22

The cost per lead has increased significantly, with 21 of 23 industries seeing an increase year-over-year. The average overall increase — 19% — is significantly higher than last year’s increase of 5%, in contrast to 2020’s decrease of 4%, but similar to 2019’s increase of 21%, according to a benchmark study from WordStream by LOCALiQ.

There’s building for the future — that is, doing the foundational work that will pay untold dividends down a strictly-sunny road — and then there’s planning for the future. Planning requires keeping the rainy-day forecast in mind and taking necessary precautions. And with the current concerns of a recession looming, those planning considerations are being revisited or reconsidered all over the globe in many industries

Lotame recently released findings from its ‘Beyond the Cookie: Next Generation Customer Acquisition & Retention for Marketers & Publishers’ report. This third report in the ‘Beyond the Cookie’ research series examines how marketers and publishers are addressing customer acquisition and retention in the runup to a post third-party cookie digital advertising landscape. Conducted in September 2022, the report polled over 1,400 respondents across seven global markets (U.S, UK, Mexico, Australia, Colombia, India and Singapore) to examine identity’s role in the cookieless future, how they are building a next-gen tech stack and their advertising investments today and in the future.

Readers are pruning the number of digital publications they subscribe to, according to a new study by Toolkits and National Research Group.  Of consumers polled, 29% plan to reduce the number of online subscriptions they hold by the end of the year, 16% significantly so. However, 27% expect to add to the number, and 44% will maintain their totals.

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