The Media Minute 10.26.22

While analysts, pundits and media continue to focus on negative signals in what is expected to be a recession, “we’re still not there,” GroupM’s Brian Wieser points out in this week’s installment of the “This Week Next Week” podcast he co-hosts with Kate Scott-Dawkins, who added that while there are some negative signals coming out of recent big marketer earnings calls, “consumer balance sheets” remain “relatively healthy” and above pre-pandemic levels, and U.S. jobless claims are “still quite low.”

In a presentation at the World News Media Congress 2022 held in Zaragoza, WAN-IFRA’s Dean Roper gave an insight into the key trends that are emerging as part of the research into the forthcoming World Press Trends 2022-2023 report… Whilst the news industry is encountering strong headwinds, publishers are expecting significant growth in revenue in 2022, spurred on by investment in new revenue streams. Of these, publisher events are leading the way … and yet … advertising still remains king.

Ad spend continues to reflect tightening budgets and economic uncertainty, according to Standard Media Index’s September 2022 Core Data report, which found that ad spend was down 5% in September year-over-year (YoY), continuing a four-month downfall.  The report also found that ad spend by channel in the third quarter YoY is down 6%. Coinciding with the lows, major media companies including Disney, Comcast, Paramount Global, Meta and Google all saw revenue fall in September YoY.

The digital privacy landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years, forcing publishers to exist in a constant state of experimentation. Condé Nast (CN) has navigated these new contours of digital advertising while simultaneously reinventing itself for the modern era. Pamela Drucker Mann, global chief revenue officer at Condé Nast, joined Adweek’s senior media reporter Mark Stenberg at Publishing Week to discuss how the publishing giant has balanced the needs of brands with the privacy of readers through a multi-pronged approach.

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