The Media Minute 08.08.2017

If your brand’s message is important to your company (which it should be) then the sales development should be directly aligned with marketing.

There’s no getting around it, Martech has become the principal form of marketing across the board.

Facebook says it will use load time to determine what to show you. Instant Articles load really fast.

This is the share of social news consumers who can correctly remember where they read a digital story in the last 48 hours.

I had the pleasure of attending the first two days of the Yale Publishing Course for magazine professionals last week.

Magazine media audiences coming via a computer or phone have fallen in June 2017, compared to the same month a year ago.

CEO Bonnie Kintzer works to turn around a storied company.

Time Inc. hopes to use its consumer data to learn new tricks.

CEO of The New York Times, recently declared the state of digital advertising is a ‘nightmarish joke’ and a dangerous environment for brands.

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