The Media Minute 07.01.2020

Today’s publishers are working to survive in a new reality where media consumption is up, but revenues are down. The relentless news cycle has editorial teams running at top speed to deliver original, insightful content to readers and viewers hungry for a new understanding of a changing world.

A new study by marketing platform LiveIntent shows that some publishers are seeing surges in revenue via online newsletters. The newsletter categories that have registered the highest bumps include shopping (103%), home and garden (55%) and business (31%).

For marketers, 2020 started out with so much promise — but this changed rapidly as the industry faced a global epidemic head-on. Not only did our own daily routines come to a screeching halt, for many of us our professional lives did as well. Almost as quickly as lockdowns began, we saw drastic changes in the realm of digital media and advertising.

The New York Times has cited its crossword puzzle app as an important source of paid subscription growth, but games can help to keep readers engaged in other ways. Publishers should consider how a gamification strategy fits with their goals of boosting reader revenue, urging repeat website visits and reducing churn.

It’s a law publishers are also taking seriously in the expectation that more states will adopt similar privacy legislation. “This regulation continues to hold us all to a level of accountability, ensuring that we make smart decisions with sensitive data and information of our consumers and employees,”

Chris Krewson likens the economic fallout for local news organizations from COVID-19 to the health impact the virus itself has had on individuals. Those who were healthiest to begin with are most likely to survive. Those with compromised immune systems could emerge with permanent damage or not emerge at all.

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